This AionSea using client 5.8 version, different version cannot be use

We recommend to download the client via Torrent

⦿ Download client file
⦿ Double-click to open it.(If you try to open it and nothing happens then you need to download and install Utorrent )
⦿ Choose the folder where the game will be installed to and press "OK" in the opened
⦿ When the download is complete, open the game folder, there you will find the "AionSetup.exe" RUN As Administrator, the selecet directory that you want to save the game at.
⦿ Wait Until the installation completed.
⦿ After Completed installation, download aion launcher
Alternative Single link via Google Drive

⦿ Download client file
⦿ After Completed extraction file, download aion launcher

Alternative client part

⦿ Download part file, there 21 file in total
⦿ When the All file download is complete, select "AionSetup.exe" RUN As Administrator, the selecet directory that you want to save the game at.
⦿ After Completed installation, download aion launcher.

Game Launcher

⦿ Download Game Launcher.
⦿ Extract file, open folder, copy and paste "SeaLauncher.exe & launcher.config" to your aion folder.
⦿ Click "SeaLauncher.exe", and enjoy the game.

If you have any problems running launcher or the game, download and install the programs:

     ⦿ DirectX (June 2008).
     ⦿ Microsoft Visual C++.
     ⦿ NET Framework.