This AionSea using client 4.6 NA version, different version cannot be use

We recommend to download the client from google drive

     ⦿ Download client file
     ⦿ Extract file 
     ⦿ Download Launcher

Alternative client part

     ⦿ Download part file, there 15 file in total
     ⦿ Run Setup.exe, wait until finish
     ⦿ Download Launcher

Game Launcher

     ⦿ Download Game Launcher 
     ⦿ Copy & Paste to your >aion folder
     ⦿ Enjoy

If you have any problems running launcher or the game, download and install the programs:

     ⦿ DirectX (June 2008).
     ⦿ Microsoft Visual C++.
     ⦿ NET Framework.